Piha Streamside Restoration Project

Our current environmental restoration  project is centred on the Piha Stream, between the Art Gallery precinct and Algernon Thomas Green in Glen Esk Road.  This area is Regional Parkland which, for a number or reasons, has been neglected over recent years.  It is a patch of land that is isolated from the more substantial Park area, and access to it has been limited.

We envisage a weed-free, well vegetated streamside that allows good access for pedestrians wanting a pleasant and safe route to Glen Esk Road and for others who may want to linger, rest, picnic or play alongside a beautiful stream.

The project will be rolled out over several years, in partnership with Regional Parks.  Our first priority is weed control, and Parks staff have already begun clearing the heavy-duty weeds, leaving the proliferation of smaller, but no less undesirable weeds for CoastCare and the local community to deal to.

Our inaugural working bee will be on Sunday morning, May 8th.  More details will be available on our events page closer to the time.

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