Weeding With a View – May 26th 2019

The crewBecause there was a low tide and fine weather, the morning started for some with a trip through the blowhole to see the expansive beach and amazing caves which happened to be just under where we would be weeding.

Nine enthusiastic workers then gathered to tackle the weeds that have invaded the original Tennis Courts vegetation (Selliera radicans). There is only one open area left now, and the plan is to remove the invading weeds so that the Selliera will flourish once again.  The most prolific weeds are Plantain, Lotus Yorkshire fog and Hawkbit.  Trials using salt water treatment are showing promise.  The weed grasses particularly are dying back leaving the target plants unscathed. However the flat weeds like the Plantain have to be extracted with small implements like screw drivers, daisy pickers or small pointed kitchen knives.  Very companionable work in gorgeous

Further weeding working bees will be held on July 7th, September 29th and November 10th, all at 10am.  Morning refreshments provided.

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