Network Of Environmental Organisations

Network of Environmental Organisations

Piha Coastcare Trust is part of an extensive network of beach, coastal and river care groups throughout New Zealand. All groups work in partnership with their local authorities and the Department of Conservation to preserve and enhance their natural environment.

The majority of these groups are members of the Dunes Restoration Trust of New Zealand. The annual conferences of this body is a primary source of sound scientific data on coastal processes and undertakes research on a variety of related issues, which is provides to members to keep them up-to-date and well-informed on coastal science principles. See the website

The National Wetland Trust of New Zealand is another source of sound and researched information on wetlands, flora and fauna relating to both fresh and salt water environments. See the website

Piha Coastcare also has excellent access to advice and assistance from a range of New Zealand’s best coastal scientists.

The combination of the resources of these groups and people ensure that Piha Coastcare is kept fully up-to-date with best practice in a coastal environment.