Present And Future Projects

Photo: Bobbie Carroll

Photo: Bobbie Carroll

Present Projects

With the change to the super city in Auckland, there has been something of a lull while Coastcare establishes a new memorandum of understanding with Auckland Council. Now that the MOU has been approved, we have drawn up our proposed annual plan of projects and events for the forthcoming year.  While this has yet to be adopted at a CoastCare meeting we are welcoming comments from the community on the Piha CoastCare Draft Plan 2015-2016.

Piha Coastcare keeps a constant watching brief and communication with Council on the Piha environment, and informs Council regularly of developments and of items that need attention.

Future Projects:

With the approval of the Memorandum of Understanding with the Auckland Council, Coastcare is developing its plan for projects for the forthcoming financial year, starting from 1 July. Under the MOU, Coastcare and Council staff will meet quarterly to discuss projects and environmental maintenance and to ensure that the best use is made of Coastcare’s many volunteers.

Among Coastcare’s plans for the forthcoming year are a number of interesting workshops and guided walks. These will be posted on our Events page and communicated through our bi-monthly newsletters. Sign up for our newsletters here.