Past Projects

Photo: Bobbie Carroll

Past Projects

Since its inception in 2002, Coastcare has undertaken many projects to enhance the environment. Our past projects include:-

Dune Restoration

Over the years Piha Coastcare has worked towards maintaining healthy dunes in Piha. To this end Coastcare has worked with the previous Waitakere City Council and the Auckland Regional Council to organise numerous dune planting days every year. With the great increase in visitors to Piha, Coastcare has also been a strong advocate for establishing walkways to minimise damage to dune plants, and has worked with Council staff to place walkways in strategic areas.   Initial opposition to structures on the dunes has largely been overcome and locals and visitors alike have become used to using walkways with the result that dune damage has been greatly reduced.

Establishing Native Plants

Coastcare’s work within the community to encourage more native planting in Piha has resulted in a much greater interest in seeking help in choosing the right plant for the right place. Numerous residents have been assisted in selecting suitable plants for their properties. From time to time Coastcare has held workshops on native plants to help understanding of the best use of our native flora.

Weedfree Piha

Coastcare has worked over the years to eliminate invasive weeds by offering advice and assistance to residents who want to help in creating weedfree properties. This aim has included helping to organise small groups of residents to eliminate invasive weeds from their roadside areas.

Wekatahi and Marawhara Streams

Coastcare worked closely with Council over the needs to remedy the severe damage to dunes and eliminate the threat to the road caused by the joining of these two streams, and was involved in subsequent planting and maintenance work.