Photo: Jeff McCauley


Piha Coastcare relies on information from dependable resources such as peer reviewed scientific papers and reports to inform its environmental work.

We need to constantly be aware of the importance of dunes to our environment and to take steps to protect this natural barrier between the land and the sea. By following best practice in caring for this dynamic environment, we can lessen erosion and other hazards, protect the unique flora and fauna of dunes, and enhance the leisure and sporting activities which are a very large part of New Zealand’s culture.

Around the country, beach and coast care groups of volunteers work in close partnership with the Department of Conservation and local councils in this preservation and enhancement work. Piha Coastcare Trust is totally committed to restoration and preservation work in the Piha Coastal area and regularly organises activities centred around this process, calling on its community network of volunteers to take part in these organised events.

Piha Coastcare Trust is a member of the Dune Restoration Trust of New Zealand, an organisation which was formed in 2007 to continue the work of the Coastal Dune Vegetation Network. Its aim is to support and encourage the development of cost effective practical methods for coastal communities and management authorities to restore natural dune form and function. The Dune Restoration Trust has an excellent reputation for scientific research and its practical application to coastal environment problems and is a major source of expertise for coastal groups around the country. For more information on coastal environments, dunes and associated subjects, go to the website www.dunestrust.org.nz.

Two well illustrated Coastal Case Studies of Bondi Beach and Mount Maunganui Beach give a excellent examples of the effects of  beach stabilising vegetation on damaged beaches and adjoining areas from large storms that occurred in December 2014 and January 2012. Coastal Restoration Specialist, Greg Jenks has provided us with this interesting study which you can view here.

The Piha coastal environment is covered by a number of Auckland Council documents –

Dune Management at Piha – Review and Proposed Management Plan, Version 2, October 2013, by Jim Dahm, M.Sc, Coastal Scientist. A comprehensive management plan for Piha Beach (South) which includes a history of trends over 80 years as well as an explanation of best practice in dune management relevant to Piha. Click here to read the full plan.

Ecological Restoration Plan for Piha Beach Reserves, Piha 2012. A current Auckland Council plan for eradication of weeds on Piha beach reserves. Read the full plan here.

Other relevant documents are:-

Piha Reserves Management Plan 1999
Piha Coastal Management Plan 2000
Waitakere Ranges Heritage Area Act 2008