Purpose of the Trust

Photo: Bobbie Carroll

Photo: Bobbie Carroll

Purpose Of The Trust

The Piha Coastcare Trust is a non-profit community group, operating in the Piha coastal environment, the Piha coastal settlement and the adjoining Waitakere Ranges, with the aim of:-

  1. Facilitating projects that restore, enhance and protect the natural environment and public spaces of Piha.
  2. Encouraging involvement of members of the Piha community, including owners, residents and visitors in Piha Coastcare projects.
  3. Increasing knowledge and understanding of environmental issues.
  4. Engaging and working in partnership with the relevant government and local body authorities to further the best environmental outcomes in the Piha coastal environment.
  5. Any other activities that will further the aims of the Trust.

The Piha Coastcare Trust is committed, in attaining its purposes, to:

  1. Following best practice environmental principles in all its activities.
  2. Working co-operatively and consultatively with the local community.
  3. Working in partnership with local authorities wherever appropriate.
  4. Operating in accordance with the Memoranda of Understanding agreed between Piha Coastcare and the relevant local bodies.

To View the Trust Deed please click here.