NatureWatch NZ

NatureWatch NZ

If you frequently get stumped trying to identify any of New Zealand’s flora or fauna (and this includes everything from fungus to trees and insects to birds), then consider joining up NatureWatch.

Your can join up by going to and joining up on your computer, or you can download a free app on your iPhone or iPad.

This wonderful identification service will solve all your queries. Simply take a photo, or even if you have no photo but just a description (the more detailed the better but even one or two words will do) and send it off for identification.

The site is run by the New Zealand Bio-Recording Network Charitable Trust with the aims of –

  • Increasing knowledge, understanding and appreciation of NZ’s natural history.
  • Engaging and assisting NZers in observing and recording biological information.
  • Developing and supporting online tools to record, view and use biological information.
  • Collaborating with people and groups interested in bio-recording.
  • Promoting and providing secure, open and ethical sources of information for the public.

The value of this information source was demonstrated at the recent Dunes Restoration of New Zealand Trust annual conference in Nelson, where a quick photo taken on an iPhone and sent off for identification brought immediate results.

A great service for nature lovers.

Photo credit: Jeff

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