Piha CoastCare Dune Planting October 11th

On October 11th we will be having our only dune planting event for the season.

Yes, we know it is rather late to be planting, but we hope that the moisture from the very wet winter will stay in the ground long enough for the plants to get going.

Council has offered us some plants that would otherwise have gone to waste, so we are putting them into the area north of Lion Rock Corner (Marine Parade South).  Spinifex will be used to fill in bare areas and guide people towards fenced accessways, while Pingao will be put in to increase the biodiversity of the dunes and enhance the ability of the plants to trap sand.

Dune Planting is easy work and an ideal opportunity to include children, grandchildren, neighbours etc. Get together for a cuppa at number 59 when we’ve finished .

Date: October 11th

Time:  9.30 – 12.00

Bring : Children, Strong footwear, gloves, spade (or use ours)

We hope to see you there 🙂

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